Sun Dolphin Pedal Boats

All our pedal boats are proudly designed, molded and assembled in small town USA

There are moments from our childhood years that stick with us forever.  Special experiences like these need to be lived in order to be remembered.  With that in mind, we’ve designed a full line of pedal boats to make it easier for you to experience those special moments that will last a lifetime.

3 Person Pedal Boat

Sundolphin 3

Style: Three person pedal boat

Length: 86″ (218 cm)  X  Width: 62″ (157 cm)

5 Person Pedal Boats

Sundolphin 5

Style: 5 person pedal boat

Length: 96′ (244 cm)  X  Width: 65″ (165 cm)

Sun Slider

Style: 5 person pedal boat

Length: 96″ (244 cm)  X  Width: 65″ (165 cm)


Style: 5 person deluxe pedal boat

Length: 94″ (239 cm)  X  Width: 65″ (165 cm)

Electric Pedal Boat

Water Wheeler

Style: Electric pedal boat

Length: 94″ (239cm)  X  Width: 65″ (165 cm)

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